lose Weight, Tone your Body in Just 20 Minutes Once Per Week

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses electric impulses to stimulate muscle contraction. You’ll start doing different exercises that your trainer designed for you and you will feel the contraction of deep muscles like you’ve never experienced before.

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    What Is EMS?

    EMS is the Electrical Stimulation of Muscles with impulses that are the same as your brain impulses sent to your muscles in order to make any movement. EMS Training World uses very sophisticated German technology to achieve safe and quick results.

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    For the Busy people! EMS is the perfect fitness solution for those looking to finally get fit and look their best but don't have the time to dedicate 5-8 hours per week for training in a GYM. All you need is a 20 minutes of EMS training per week and soon you will start seeing amazing results. ​

    Sculpt Your Body

    Customized training allows you to target specific areas to gain or lose weight or focus on overall slimming down & toning.

    Weight Loss with Afterburn

    The 20 minute training activates the powerful Afterburn mechanism when your body continues burning calories for the next 4-5 days after your session is over.

    Relieve Back Pain​

    Long hours of sitting and lack of movement cause back pain which is proven to be effectively reduced by EMS training through healthy stimulation of muscles.​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it Safe?

    Early versions of EMS technology were originally used in medical physiotherapy to treat muscle injuries and accelerate recovery. It has been long researched by medical specialists in Germany and Europe and there is no study published till this day, mentioning any side effects EMS may have on any healthy individual. What makes EMS fitness training completely safe is that the pulses produced by the device are exactly the same as the pulses produced by our brains create any movement. 

    How can I get GUARANTEED results?

    On the first training, your Personal Trainer will run many body composition tests such as BMI, Fat%, etc., to record your current fitness status. Next, a special training and nutrition program will be designed specifically for your body goals and your Personal trainer will follow up with you measuring your progress to keep you on track and motivated. We have helped over 2,000 people in the past year to achieve the best shape of their life and we can help you too.

    How can it work in just 20 minutes?

    The amazing results of EMS training are achieved by the cutting-edge technology hidden in your Training Suit which has electrodes and the Device which sends short pulses to your muscles through the Suit, resulting in equal and gentle stimulation of your entire body. Because all the muscles get activated by EMS you can Get Fit 6 times faster and easier than working out at a regular gym.

    What is EMS training for?

    EMS training can help you achieve ANY fitness goal, be it overall weight loss, muscle mass building, burning belly fat, posture correction and even back pain.  The clever design of EMS technology enables targeting specific parts of the body to shape it in the most desirable way in a quick and effective manner.

    Celebrities Love EMS

    Many famous athletes and celebrities around the world are using the EMS technology provided through the special Miha Bodytec device used at Future Fit. With EMS training they are able to quickly lose weight, build strength and reshape their body. Check if you can name all the celebrities in this video

    Just a few years ago EMS training was the privilege of selected few athletes, celebrities, models and even astronauts. It was and continues to be widely used to get in fantastic shape Fast and in a Healthy way. 

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    Amazing Celeb-Body Secret is out! 

    EMS Training World revolutionized Fitness by making high-end EMS technology available and Affordable to everyone in the  UAE.

    Train like a celebrity! Look Your Best.

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    EMS Training in the International Media

    The Doctors

    Electric Shock Workout: Results!

    Watch an amazing EMS live experiment during The Doctors show where celebrity fitness trainer Lacey Stone tries EMS for the first time. Alongside her is Terra, who has never trained professionally. Watch these ladies with two different fitness levels as they share their experience with EMS.

    Rachael Ray Show

    Can The EMS Suit Really Make Your Workouts More Efficient?

    “If you’re going to start EMS workouts and you’re going somewhere to train, make sure they know what they’re doing”. And at EMS Training World we definitely do!
    See how EMS works with very simple exercises, that effectively stimulate and activate your muscles!



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